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This app is the result of a collaboration of local organizations’ efforts to honor Monrovia’s long-time City Historian Steve Baker, who passed away in 2022. The group determined what was most fitting was to engage people in Monrovia’s history, as was Steve’s passion. This app enables users to take a virtual stroll through Monrovia and learn about its historic places. App users get to be in his company – listening to videos of him speaking, reading words he's written based on his research, and viewing old photos identified by him.

The content comes principally from the documents and photos that Steve collected and/or inherited from Myron Hotchkiss who preceded Steve as City Historian. Since 2015 these have been being digitized by the Monrovia Historical Society's Legacy Project. The app contains brief clips, but the full documents and more photos associated with them can be found at and 85 of his Monrovia Stories on YouTube.

This app was developed by Brad Haugaard (publisher of and board member of the Monrovia Historical Society) and is sponsored by the organizations below with which Steve was active.

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Organizations Steve Was Involved With

Citrus College Foundation (Past President)

City of Monrovia (City Treasurer and City Historian)

Duarte Historical Society and Museum (Treasurer)

Friends of the Duarte Library (Treasurer)

Friends of the Monrovia Public Library (Treasurer)

Monrovia Chamber of Commerce (Iris Award winner)

Monrovia’s ChangeMakers (Treasurer)

Monrovia Coordinating Council (Treasurer)

Monrovia Days Parade (Grand Marshall)

Monrovia Historical Museum (Past President)

Monrovia Historical Society (President)

Monrovia Historic Preservation Group (Historian)

Monrovia Rotary Club (Past President and Executive Secretary)

Saint Luke’s Episcopal Church (Treasurer)

Santa Anita Family YMCA (Past Chair)

Santa Barbara Revels (Board President)

Second Baptist Church of Monrovia (Historical Researcher)

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